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Первый глава российской таможни оказался долларовым мультимиллионером

Анатолий Круглов, возглавлявший в 90-е Государственный таможенный комитет, добился в лондонском суде решения о возврате кредитов на десятки миллионов долларов
Читать целиком
Первый глава российской таможни оказался долларовым мультимиллионером

3.  The individual whose interests are involved on the other side of the material transactions that took place with Mr Tchigirinski and his companies is Mr Anatoly Kruglov . Between 1991 and 1998, Mr Kruglov was head of the Russian Federation's State Customs Committee, and his family was involved in the ownership of a number of Russian customs terminals (which were privately owned, subject to state supervision). As head of the family, Mr Kruglov assumed responsibility for management of the family's money. By 1999, that money amounted to a very substantial fund, although there is no suggestion that Mr Kruglov and his family were wealthy on the scale of Mr Tchigirinski. Neither the question whether that fund all belonged beneficially to Mr Kruglov or was partly the property of his children, nor the source of the money, is relevant to the issues in these proceedings, and I shall refer to the fund simply as "the Kruglov money". What is very relevant is that Mr Kruglov also engaged Mr Haener, starting around mid-1999, to invest and manage the Kruglov money. Mr Haener carried out that task with the benefit of various powers of attorney granted to him. Initially, the Kruglov money was transferred to be held by some Liechtenstein foundations, but they were dissolved in 2006.

4.  A curious but significant feature of this case is that not only was there no direct contact at any time between Mr Kruglov and Mr Tchigirinski, but that each was unaware, until well after the material events had occurred, of the involvement of the other in the various transactions concerning their respective interests. Indeed, Mr Kruglov said that although in general he was not concerned how Mr Haener invested the Kruglov money (provided that it was secure and obtained a good return), if he had known that his money was being lent, directly or indirectly, to Mr Tchigirinski he would never have agreed to that

Прелесть какая.
Хорошо, что есть на свете лондонский суд.
Правда немного унизительно, что жулики, напилилившие деньги здесь, так откровенно и открыто делят их там, ни капли не стесняясь. Типа, дикий народ, чего на них оглядываться. Дадим им водки и балалайку.
Но хоть так.

Любопытно, вот против Развозжаева возбудили дело из-за того, что он, якобы, 500 шапок у кого-то отнял 15 лет назал, а для Круглова эти раскрытые и документально доказанные факты коррупции будут иметь какие-то последствия?
Как думаете?


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